Masters of Maths: A Meeting for Parents

2017 10 20 10.00.20 amWe were, once again, encouraged by the support for what is now our annual Maths meeting for parents. 'Masters of Maths' sets out to uncover the thinking behind the new maths curriculum, its implications for our learners, what the school is doing about it, and how parents can support.

Mathematics is a rapidly evolving subject at Blue Coat and we have taken several very significant steps already this year in training our teaching staff to meet the challenges of nurturing future ready mathematical thinkers in our classes. 

Part of the development of this subject is the change in perspective of home learning. This was touched on at the meeting and further correspondence will follow from the relevant key stages. For those unable to attend, copies of the home learning guidance for parents and the presentation itself can be found below.

Keep your eyes peeled for a similar style of meeting in the near future where we home in on English with lots of practical advice for parents on how they can support their child.

A big thank you to Mr Brooks, our Maths leader, for hosting the event and sharing his knowledge and experience with an attentive parent audience!