Maths Meeting for Parents: Tuesday 10th October 7-8pm

secretlondon wizard s hat clip art 22678Following on from the success of this very well attended event last academic year, we have decided to hold another Maths Meeting for Parents. In addition to covering a fraction of the content from last time, we hope to multiply the value of the meeting by dedicating a good measure to how parents can support at home.

The school is adopting a new approach to Maths home learning, having decided that Mathletics is perhaps not the best equation for future-proofing our pupils. We would like to support parents by advising them on what they can do to help ensure that their child understands and enjoys Maths, growing exponentially in confidence as they do so.

We will divide the meeting into a number of equal parts, where parents will familiarise themselves with the expectations of Maths on primary age pupils and the degree to which this develops as they progress through the school.

We will round off the circle, with calculated handouts and an opportunity to ask any relevant questions. We hope you're able to attend what should be an informative and interactive meeting.

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