Parents' View (2017)

check mark1The school, like any decent learner, is always looking to improve . We recognise the role that feedback plays in learning to do better. So, at this year's summer consultations, parents were asked to submit their views on paper replicas of the online Ofsted Parent View survey. The web version has fewer submissions and paints a very different picture to that of nearly 200 paper submissions we collected in school.

With questions ranging from pupil happiness through to leadership and management, the survey tries to capture the main themes that parents are expected to have a view on. 

In recent years, the school has addressed parental feedback resulting in:

-alternative approaches to homework
-new school-to-home communication methods
-revisions to both the format and frequency of reporting pupil progress to parents
-policy and processes for dealing with parental concerns

Our results are captured in the link below. 

Parent View Survey 2017

Overwhelmingly, the results are positive - perhaps the most positive in recent history. We are delighted that the hard work of staff and pupils is valued by parents and this is a source of motivation to continue to improve in future.

Home learning continues to be a theme that divides parents. We will commit to reviewing the effectiveness of current arrangements. Recent school efforts to improve pupil progress reporting and dealing with concerns have been recognised by parents. Most parents (thankfully) have no experience of child bullying to draw upon. However, a handful of parents had a number of misconceptions surrounding this issue that the school will need to address moving forward.

Thank you to all families for taking the time to share your thoughts and feedback.