Raise a Toast to Morning Break

toast free clipart 1.jpgRecently, Year 6's took part in a breakfast club aimed at socialising and settling nerves ahead of their pinnacle assessments (SATs). The club, but particularly the prospect of hot toast(!), was so popular with our eldest pupils that it got our team thinking...

Recognising studies that show too few children actually eat breakfast of a morning, we decided to open up the choice of an attractive in-school hot option - a toast service. The initiative isn't new and is carried out in many schools nationwide. It is compliant with healthy eating standards for children, as the toast will be wholemeal and will not feature sugar-based spreads/preservatives. The school is also looking into how we get our children to drink more fresh water.

Next week, pupils will be given the chance to taste the toast for free and parents have already been asked to confirm whether they would prefer their child not to take part. Thereafter, the service will run as detailed in a recent ParentMail to all parents.

The service is designed to offer more choice to pupils and reduce the risk of pupils missing breakfast and not eating until lunchtime. It does not forego each child's right to bring fresh fruit and vegetables to school to eat of a break time.