'Give Your Hands to Serve'...

2017 04 06 03.53.59 pmService is a value central to all Christians' hearts and we've been pondering why that is through collective worship and Religious Education lessons this term. Today was a celebration of this value through a focus on the festival of Easter in Key Stage 1. 

Thanks to Reverend Axford, Reverend Langley and Mrs Blaken, the children were lucky enough to benefit from the company and experience of a vast team of adults in school. Members of the church, Open the Book team and parent volunteers spent time in classes to help the children through a series of carousel activities that saw them make crowns, crosses, stained glass windows, and Easter baskets.

At the end of the day, the children saw the Easter story brought to life through Open the Book drama involving some of our junior pupils. Parents then perused the children's efforts in classes at the end of the day

It was a very special and hopefully memorable day for our pupils, and their understanding of the Easter symbols by the end of the day was certainly impressive.

A massive thank you to everyone who served us and made the day a resounding success.

We now look forward to seeing how Key Stage 2 pupils mark the festival with their own pupil-led worship at St Mary's church tomorrow.