General 'Know-it-alls' Win Library Prize for School

650268a2f1b5bb4cb22437a85322c1da notre dame primary school free quiz clipart images 720 563Last night, Blue Coat sent a Year 6 team to compete in the Rotary General Knowledge quiz held at Cam Hopton Primary School. A local event in which 6 schools competed, the quiz spanned a range of subjects over 6 rounds, including: Geography and History; Sport and General Knowledge; Current Affairs; Entertainment; Science and Nature; and English and Maths.

Our handpicked team took part in a selective quiz in school so as to 'qualify' for the school team. The successful quizbods this year were: Matt, Blyth, Patrick and Benjamin. A team of boys who defined the essence of 'teamwork', they showed great learning behaviours by arriving at sensible guesses to questions they didn't know, conferring on their answers, and showed respect to the quizmaster whenever they were unsure about wording of questions.

The team managed to ace 4 of the rounds with full scores, and did enough to win overall by a 4 point margin!

The boys were thrilled to win a generous prize of a big Easter egg each and, most importantly, banked a £50 book token for the school library! The boys will select and sign the books as their legacy to the school, affording dozens of Blue Coat children to enjoy their chosen books over the coming months and years. Blue Coat now has the privilege of hosting the event in school next year.

 For those interested in flexing their quiz muscles, some examples of questions included in last night's quiz:

  • What imaginary line does the earth spin around?
  • What year does this Roman Numeral represent and what happened that year? MDCLXVI
  • What Volcano erupted last week in Sicily?

 A big 'well done' and 'thank you' to our boys for representing the school in such a positive way. Additionally, thank you to parents for supporting and the Rotary Club for holding such a well run event.

Dear Mr Ryan,

On behalf of the Rotary Club of Dursley I wish to thank you and your staff for giving four of your students the opportunity to take part in our annual primary school quiz. The team should be congratulated for its efforts and achievements – they were worthy winners! I hope the members enjoyed the experience and gained from taking part...

Best wishes,

John (Grove)

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