Parent Maths Evening: Coming Soon!

maths2Since the introduction of the 'new' National Curriculum, Blue Coat has been looking at innovative and in-depth ways of meeting the challenging and ambitious aims for Mathematics. The subject has been a constant focus of staff meetings and INSET days and there is too much going on behind the scenes to do justice to it here.

We would like to share this new Maths curriculum with parents, now we're starting to come to terms with it ourselves. We would like to show you what the maths curriculum values and what it is trying to achieve for your child. In doing so, we will touch on how it is assessed and, more importantly, what Blue Coat is doing to ensure that we develop Future Ready mathematicians.

Furthermore, we would like to share practical advice on how you can help your child with their maths without the need to sit down and do 'formal maths'. 

As a staff, we're fascinated by the future and adapting what we do to equip our pupils to thrive in a world that will look and be very different to the one they experience today. The following article released over the Christmas period provoked much thought and debate amongst staff. For us, it underlines the importance of being focussed on developing the right things for our children, ensuring that we're preparing the 'learner of tomrrow'...and not the just the 'test-passer of today':

Radical Changes to the UK by 2030 (BBC News)

Look out for a forthcoming Parents Maths Evening next term. It's not to be missed and we hope that it will highlight both the challenges and opportunities your child(ren) faces and what you can do to help them love and get maths.