Parents' Views 2016

check mark1Every year, we conduct a survey of our parents from which we get a good indication of what we're doing well and where we can focus more. The survey is identical to the Ofsted format but allows stakeholders to include written information. 

Thank you to everyone who took part in filling in the surveys at the final parent consultations in the summer. We appreciate the positive comments and the constructuve feedback where provided.

It would appear that the main theme for our future focus is on reporting to parents. We note that nearly all parents welcomed the frequency and the format of some of the information received last year, but many felt that the lack of levels or measurables left them in the dark. [We appreciate this and felt the same way too... but unfortunately this was unavoidable!]

Now that the new standards by which the children are measured at the ends of key stage 1 and 2 have finally been revealed, we now feel more confident in evaluating how our children are achieving. With time and experience we will glean more and should be able to support pupils and parents further.

The school has also adapted its assessment approach to the needs of the new National Curriculum which will allow teachers and parents to gain far more specific information on how pupils are performing. Identifying success and where learning gaps are is now far more convenient and this should in turn benefit the pupils.

This year we endeavour to share this type of information once again with parents.

Please access last summer's survey at the link below. We have included a comparison with 2015's survey. It is very encouraging for all staff to see that the school's work in trying to further improve has been acknowledged by parents - thank you!

Blue Coat Parent View Survey - summer 2016