Reporting On Your Child As A Learner

feedback icon 21We are regularly evaluating what we do at Blue Coat. This isn’t just a senior leadership exercise, but one that is ongoing for our catering team, our teaching staff, office team, play team... and our pupils! We recognise that feedback is crucial in helping all of us learn at all levels where we can improve.

Each year we ask parents to submit feedback on their experience of the school. This has produced some valuable themes recently informing changes to home learning, communication, school policy and more. One prominent theme has been improving the information that parents receive on their child’s progress. Many parents felt that the information gap between autumn and spring parent consultations wasn't helpful in supporting their child at home. In an attempt to bridge this gap, last year we provided an Interim Pupil Feedback Form for Parents. It was gratefully received by parents as they felt that it offered an improved insight as to their child as a learner.

The purpose of the form is to give parents feedback on how their child is progressing in a number of key areas that underpin their success in learning. For example, there is information on how well the child is engaging in class, their behaviour, their attitude to learning, how well they learn with others etc. These are all key aspects or ‘behaviours’ of effective learners.

Children are evaluated on a scale of 1-5 in each area, 1 being highest and 3 being the average/expected standard we’d hope to see. Some parents will be used to this style of grading with Katherine Lady Berkeley’s approach.

We hope that by reporting in this way that parents will achieve a fuller picture of their child as a learner rather than as a test score or level. (After all, if your child is successful in these areas then their academic progress will naturally follow!)

For older pupils (Year 2 and upwards), parents will also receive their child’s perceptions of themselves in these areas to compare with that of the teacher’s. In fact, teachers use this self-evaluation as the basis for a 1-to-1 with your child in which they’ll discuss their progress with them. We hope, then, that this is a positive and valuable experience for your child too.

Reporting in this way is not common to primary schools and requires notable work on the part of Blue Coat’s teachers. However, we believe that these efforts are worth it in supporting parents to be active partners in their child’s learning.

We hope that parents view the school's efforts positively and that feedback is constructive in helping us to improve the format in future.

Parent consultations will still be held in March for a fuller dialogue on the findings of the form and progress of your child.

Interim Pupil Feedback Forms for Parents will go home with your child on Friday 20th January.