Shoeboxes Raise Hope for Those In Need

UnknownAs our minds prepare for the Christmas season, with advent just around the corner, we have started to reflect in school on those for whom our Christian value of Hope this term may be in short supply.

This year, as we have done in the recent past, Blue Coat has decided to support the cause of the Samaritan's Purse 'Operation Christmas Child'.

Support for the appeal takes the shape of donors providing a shoebox that they have carefully packed with a range of gifts suitable for youngsters who are in need of hope at Christmas time. These may be children subjected to poverty, disease, bereavement or otherwise. The children receive their gifts and realise that someone cares about them at this special time.

This year, Blue Coat parents, partnered with Wotton United Church, managed to box and send over 120 gifts for children across the world! An amazing achievement and one that will make a big difference to a large number of children on 25th December. A huge thank you from the school for supporting our cause, and the following message from the appeal...