Play, Rewind and Fast Forward!

qiBXKjraTThe value of Play at Blue Coat requires little explanation. Simply put: we believe it to be a key ingredient in our children's personal development in their quest to be 'Future Ready'.
Key ingredients require constant investment of time, inspiration and effort. Thankfully, we have Mrs Murray, the Play Team, committed parent helpers and, of course, our children as our biggest investors delivering on all 3.
With another year of play under our belts, this is how far we've come over 2015-16:
  • Retained the OPAL Platinum level play award
  • Shortilsted and then won a National Playwork Award
  • Fundraised and developed the school's unique Play Beach on the field
  • Introduced welly sheds for all-year round pupil access to our field areas
  • Landscaped and opened the play bank for climbing and scrambling
  • Introduced drainage solutions to the playground for all-year round access and maximising play space
  • Beginning to forge partnerships with other schools who are developing their outdoor play so as to share skills, funding and training opportunities
  • Working with well-regarded play professionals (such as OPAL), including Children's Scrapstore's Play Team (who will be training our team in Sept)
  • Opened our fantastic play facilities to share with community groups
Big achievements in only a few months... and we have no plans to slow down any time soon. 
Please keep an eye on email inboxes during the summer holidays as we plan to open the Play Beach and field to our community for a Stay 'n' Play (weather permitting!) This SnP format will evolve over the coming months so that the site's play potential is experienced more and more out of school hours.
Looking ahead to 2016-17, we plan to open The Mound (the land situated behind the top playground) as a 'wilderness' play area. We have also tasked ourselves with developing more social spaces around the site for children to access and use. We hope to continue to work with parents and the PTA, and seek external funding to support further site developments. The 'Parents for Play' volunteers have made a big difference to our play environment and we would love to see this continue.
Watch out for a Blue Coat big 'Make and Mend' event in the autumn months - a bonanza of outdoor carpentry, gardening, fixing and painting! More details to follow.
A big thank you to everyone who has contributed to our platinum play this year - without you all none of this would have been possible.
The year in highlights - enjoy!