Sports Day 2016

IMG 6342The weather thankfully removed the 'question of sport' on Blue Coat's Sport Day last Friday! In fact, the sun even managed to shine in the afternoon when our youngest pupils took to their team sports.

The morning gave way to Key Stage 2 pupils where children started off earning team points competing in a carousel of activities of a 'field' event nature (with a few randoms thrown in for good measure!) Organised in their house team colours, the children earned roughly half of their points from this part of the sports day format.

Next up, the children took to the tracks competing in events such as obstacle race, egg 'n' spoon, sprint and relay. As always, these races were fiercely competitive and we had half an eye on talent spotting ahead of the forthcoming District Sports events. 

This year's result was exceptionally close, with only 50 points separating 1st and 5th places! However, there had to be a winner and this year 'Red' team did enough to rise to the number one spot - well done to all teams.

A social picnic lunch on the field split the sports day events. The Queen's birthday theme dominated many lunch boxes a day ahead of trooping the colour. It was great to see so many families take up the opportunity to enjoy the school field and get an early glimpse of our quickly forming 'play beach'!

After lunch, in a similar fashion to Key Stage 2, our younger pupils competed in team activities to accumulate points for their house teams. Under the watchful gaze of crowds of parents, the children were brilliant at maintaining focus, persevering and working as teams to encourage one another to succeed.

The day ended with the crowds gathering around a circular mini-track set up for house teams to travel. The relay formation event never fails to bring out the competitive edge in our children as they charge around the track trying to overtake one another and pass the baton in the fastest possible times. 

Again, the top places were very closely bunched but the Yellow team managed to sneak into the lead and win the event. A fantastic effort once again by all teams.

Thank you to Mr Brooks, Miss Price and the teaching staff for the organisation of another very smooth and successful Sports Day. A big thank you to the large numbers of families who managed to make time to spectate and cheer children on from the sidelines.

KS1 Sports Day 2016

KS2 Sports Day 2016