2016 02 12 01.44.12 pmYesterday was the culmination of a joint Blue Coat and St Mary's parish church singing project led by iSingPop. Children performed in 2 packed-out church performances so as to showcase their hard work and talent with their local community. The results? Pure inspiration...

A week ago today, Rob from the iSingPop team got to work with each class in school, teaching them 7 new pop songs for the concert performances. Each song had a series of key messages centred on the Christian values that we promote, teach and endeavour to live by in our school. The songs are so catchy that it didn't take long for the children to adopt them as their own, sing them at home and then, ultimately, commit them to a studio recording in school on Wednesday!

The concerts were truly exceptional. Seeing a wall of Blue Coat children, the width of St Mary's church, singing, dancing and smiling in unison is one that all onloookers will surely cherish forever. Each performance brought huge levels of energy, pitch-perfect singing and an atmosphere that was nothing short of electric. What a moment to be proud of our children...

So, what next? CDs are being published and this will then allow us to continue to build on the legacy of iSingPop in school. We will introduce the new songs into our rotation of hymns in school so that they live on through our pupils voices.

Mrs Moir led a staff team who were passionate about the rewards that this national project could bring to Blue Coat. A huge thank you to her and the wider staff team for the sheer amount of work, organisation and energy that went into this resounding success.

As well as fantastic staff, we are equally fortunate to have a supportive local parish church in St Mary's. Reverend Axford and Ima Earle have been amazing throughout the project - from its inception through to the delivery. We are grateful for the huge part they played in making this project a reality for our school - thank you!

Thank you to Rob Helman and the iSingPop team for their professionalism and energy they brought to the project. [For other schools wondering about whether the project is worth doing, we would thoroughly recommend it!]

Our gratitude also goes to the hordes of parents, family, and members of the church and wider Wotton community who turned up to the concerts. Without this support we would be unable to provide our children with opportunities to shine in this (public) way.

[If you were there, please leave a comment at the end of the slideshow below - we'd love to hear your thoughts!]