iSingPop is Popping in School!

IMG 0209iSingPop is officially under way at Blue Coat! 'Rob' is in school today and working with all year groups to introduce the songs that will make them the popstars who will be recording an album and performing at St Mary's church next week.

Judging by the sheer volume (I can't currently hear my own mp3's!), smiles on faces, coupled with dance moves, the children seem to be having the time of their lives! 

To get a slice of the action we urge families to buy tickets for next week's performances. These are available from the school office, without restriction (currently). It'll certainly be a day to remember...

iSingPop culminates for Blue Coat at St Mary's church next Thursday 11th February at 2pm and then again at 6pm.

IMG 0209