Our Pupils Turn Technotronic

DSCN7824This term Blue Coat homed an after-school club where pupils took to making a whole range of weird and wonderful things, all technological in nature. As the school's DT leader, Mrs Johnson has been working hard to organise the club, along with tech-whizz Mrs Alliston, so as to raise the profile of this subject in school.

Over the course of the term, children have taken to making periscopes, CD racers, Cartesian divers and, much to the delight of onlookers in collective worship, the ever-popular brush monsters! The results have been outstanding and they've been taken home afterwards to entertain and enthrall parents and siblings.

The club has shown pupils that technology can be deployed with just about anything that exists within the home IF a creative approach is adopted.

Well done to all of the pupils for their creative efforts and sharing them more widely with the school (and their headteacher after school most weeks!) Massive thanks to Mrs Johnson, Mrs Alliston and the small team of KLB students for your hard work and inspiration. We must also express our gratitude to Renishaw for contributing to the finances of the club which meant that the school could subsidise the cost to our families.

Enjoy some of the results in photos below...