Girls Score 'County Champions 2015-16' Title!

IMG 8635Last year, our girls' football team narrowly missed out on winning the county championships due to goal difference. This year, under the tutelage of coach Tom Needham once again, the girls were determined to push for more and secure the 'County Champions' title. They did not disappoint...

Taking place on a wet and chilly evening at the Oxstalls facility in Gloucester, parents and siblings gathered in support of our girls, cheering (sometimes anxiously!) from the sidelines. 

Faced with 4 teams competing from Bristol, South Gloucestershire, Gloucester and Wotton-under-Edge, the girls had to play 6 games - 2 against each rival side. Despite the cold conditions, the girls heated things up with a 1-0 victory over a very strong Robinswood team.

They then played games against The Ridge and Westbury Park, picking up their stride to secure 2-0 and 2-1 victories. In fact, the only goal conceded came from the game against Westbury Park, such was the strength of the team's defence and attack.

Blue Coat girls were in pole position moving into their second games and displayed depth of team by exchanging goalkeepers for every game(!) Victories of 1-0, 1-0 and 2-0 followed, but the final match score was academic as they had already won with a game to play.

Without a doubt, the team played brilliantly with a fluid passing game, fast-break attack, and a defence that allowed few real opportunities to test the goalkeeper.

As well as securing the Gloucestershire County Champions title, the girls now face the south-west regional finals in Bath on April 23rd - one step away from the national final stage!

A sincere thank you to Tom Needham for his tactical wisdom, time and nurturing of our winning team. Parental support was amazing and they were just as tired after their sideline acrobatics as the girls were after 60 minutes of play(!) We eagerly await the arrival of April...

A HUGE well done, girls: we're VERY PROUD of all that you have achieved as a team.

Ladies and Gentlemen, County Champions 2015-16:

Lena, Rosie, Imogen, Niamh, Millie, Lauren, Amy, Zoe

IMG 8635