Hall Full of the Artful

2015-12-10 12.56.19 pmWe previously reported on the success of Milepost 3's new curriculum learning that resulted in a Christmas pop-up shop being set up and used to raise over £1100 in takings last Saturday - see photos here. This event was newsworthy enough to make The Gazette two weeks running! This week it was Milepost 2's turn to shine, albeit in different curriculum areas.

Our Year 3 and 4's this autumn term have been studying the lives and works of artists such as Monet, Van Gogh, Kandinsky and Warhol. In doing so, they have set up an art school approach to learning and developing their techniques in keeping with these artists' styles. 

Yesterday, the vehicle for learning culminated in the exit point of the children curating their own artwork for display in a public gallery: our school hall! The event was well organised with entrepreneurial ticket sales (50p bought you entrance, 2 artworks, a drink and a biscuit!), refreshments, exhibition spaces, pupil-made videos, and the option of leaving feedback in the gallery's comment book. 

Both exhibition times were a sell out with dozens of families arriving at both the afternoon and evening slots. The quality and quantity of art on display was amazing with the children having taken ownership for how their work was framed, displayed and presented. 

The hard work, talents and vision was duly acknowledged by the visitors, commenting:

~ "I love the titles the children chose for their paintings, and the way that they were involved in making tickets and preparing this impressive exhibition. Thank you!"

~ "I think it was lovely to see the children's artwork - a great idea!"

~ "A very sociable, relaxed event. Fantastic standard of artwork, well presented. Children clearly enjoyed the experience! Well done to all involved."

Well done to our newly qualified teachers who took a big risk in delivering such an ambitious sequence of learning in the first term of their careers! Congratulations to our Milepost 2 pupils for organising and contributing to something so special that showcased your achievements in your learning this term.

Thank you to parents for turning out in their droves for both exhibitions. Your support is appreciated.

Here are some highlights of the exhibition...