Key Stage 2 Pupils 'Pop-up' in the Local Press

shopping-trolley-cart-christmas-gifts-white-background-35446735The autumn term this year has seen the inception of Blue Coat's renewed and innovative curriculum -  sharply aimed at preparing our children to be Future Ready.

This has seen our Milepost 1 pupils taking on the role of Christmas Party Planners; Milepost 2 going to art school and setting up a gallery to promote and sell their creations; and Milepost 3 pupils who have set up their own businesses with a view to making some serious profit for charities through a Christmas pop-up shop venture.

This new take on our afternoon curriculum has had the benefit of delivering the requirements of the statutory National Curriculum (revised in 2014), whilst having a strong footing in the 'Big Ideas' at the heart of the school's vision. These Big Ideas include preparing our children to, for example:

  • apply their skills to systematically solve a range of problems (Learning about Learning)
  • understand what makes an effective team and how they can contribute to its success (Learning about Ourselves & Others)
  • use technology to help explore thoughts and ideas (Learning with Technology)
  • describe experiences that are important to them and have made them feel and think differently (Learning with Spirituality)

There are many more that cover the 4 pillars of our school vision for our pupils.

This week, final preparation has been underway for our Year 5 and 6 pupils as their pop-up shop venture comes onto the horizon this weekend! The concept was novel enough to capture the interest of The Gazette and on Wednesday the following article was committed to ink. A follow-up article is set to follow and we wish all of our business teams the very best of luck with their sales this Saturday.

Having written business plans, marketed their product, sold shares to stakeholders (committing to a % profit!) and making their products (often from scratch), the children have shown amazing learning attitudes, behaviours and skills. We hope that they reap the rewards, in financial terms, for the benefit of their own nominated charities for which they are fundraising.

The pop-up shop will be situated on the corner of Long St and Market Place this Saturday from 10am-3pm. Children are expected to work in shifts selling their products to Christmas shoppers. Please show your support by popping in and maybe purchasing 1 or 2 stocking fillers!

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