Attendance Matters

UnknownDue to the commitment of Blue Coat families, our school can be proud of high rates of pupil attendance. Extensive research shows the positive relationship that exists between pupil attendance and their in-school achievement.

For this reason, attendance really does matter and we take a wide range of actions in school to promote and support healthy pupil attendance.

The Department for Education (DfE) continues to highlight the importance of this issue through policymaking. As a result, we must highlight some recent changes that now affect schools and families nationally.

The government has announced changes to the threshold for what is classified as ‘Persistent Absence.’  This is the limit at which the school is required to monitor Pupil attendance more closely. When this limit is reached then the school is responsible for alerting parents of attendance concerns, meetings with parents, consider initiating attendance action plans and sharing information with the local authority.  Previously, pupils whose attendance fell below 85% fell into this category.  This covers all absence and not just unauthorised.  

From September 2015, the threshold for persistent absence rose to 90% or the equivalent of 19 days of absence in an academic year. This decision follows from ongoing studies showing the impact of attendance on pupil achievement. 

As a school, we understand that there will always be occasions where illness will impact on a child's attendance and this cannot be helped. To help parents monitor their child's attendance effectively, we will periodically inform parents when their child is approaching this renewed threshold by informing you when they fall below 93% attendance. 

As well as persistent absence, the government has also tightened policy around families taking unauthorised leave during school term-time for holidays or otherwise. The latest Gloucestershire guidance explaining prosecutions, fines and more can be found here: Gloucestershire Attendance Guidance.