Meet The Future

FullSizeRenderLast week, children in Year 1 to Year 6 classes got creative in their electioneering campaign to be voted in as pupil leaders of our school. Blue Coat's Future Leaders are elected 'for the pupil by the pupil' on an annual basis. Their role? To work alongside the school's leaders to improve our school for everyone.

Announced in our Star Achiever assembly on Friday, the excitement mounted as this year's leaders were, one by one, called to the front to show the rest of the school who was representing them. The children were very convincing in their campaigns and gave pupils and teachers alike great confidence in them to communicate issues and ideas raised in classes to the school's leaders for their attention.

The school's leadership plans to regularly meet and work with the Future Leader squad this year and ask them to start by self-evaluating the school and identify its key priorities. For this, we have also re-elected last year's leaders as their activity was limited by the vacancy of our deputy headteacher throughout 2014/15.

This year's leaders-in-the-making are:

  • Poppy F
  • Lily W
  • Zach P
  • Jasmine G
  • Maisie Quinnell
  • Harry E
  • Flo T
  • Connor P
  • Dan B

Along with the previously elected:

  • Abi S
  • Sam O
  • Charlie P
  • Euan A
  • Jack G
  • Erin C
  • Tom W