E-safe and She's Safe Online!

BC 36 of 122Several newspaper column inches have been devoted to the government's launch of website parentinfo.org over recent days. Recognising the importance of young people staying safe online, the Education Secretary has called for a website that informs parents of the perils of the online world and how they can help keep children safe. It raises parental awareness of a number of issues, websites, and technologies that parents should get to grips with, but also publishes a glossary of 'text chat' used by young people when socialising online. Please do check out this resource and its partnering websites for invaluable up-to-date information.

At Blue Coat, we use the first weeks of the new academic year to launch our e-safety campaign with a view to introducing regular top-ups thereafter throughout the year. Children in all years have or will shortly be learning their way through our e-safety curriculum and will be asked to agree to some simple golden rules of online safety represented by the 'SMART' acronym. In Key Stage 2, they will be asked to sign an Acceptable Use Agreement to this effect, and in Key Stage 1 we ask parents to sign on their behalf, assuming they will discuss and further enforce these rules with their children at home.

Below, you can find copies of these agreements which will be shared with you shortly as a hard copy. Please also visit our E-safety section in the Tech menu for more information on this topical and important aspect of child safety.