Parent View Survey: The Results

check-mark1At our mid-year consultations, parents were asked to express their views on the school via paper questionnaires following the Ofsted suggested format. The questionnaire stretched across eleven key themes including how happy your child is at school through to bullying, reporting, homework and pupil progress. Ultimately, parents were also asked whether Blue Coat is a school that they would recommend to other parents.

Although the online version of the questionnaire (Parent View) has only received a handful of responses so far this year, we managed to capture over 180 responses from parents over the course of the two evenings. We are proud to say that the results are overwhelmingly positive, with over 99% of parents claiming that Blue Coat is a school that they would recommend to others. 

Other notable areas of positivity surrounded how happy and how safe our children are, how well they are taught, how well behaved they are, and how well they are looked after. We are pleased that our efforts in these areas have been recognised by parents and supported by feedback comments which only serve to buoy staff morale.

As well as we are doing in some areas, we are aware that there are always areas for improvement. The questionnaire again revealed that parental opinion surrounding homework is split. There is an entire spectrum of parental opinion which ranges from a lack of value in home learning altogether through to the school not currently setting enough. Clearly, we are never going to satisfy all stakeholders on this point.

Nevertheless, we will again make some key changes to home learning to ensure that expectations are clear and consistent. We have previously communicated how home learning is valued through our highly successful 'home learning exhibitions' (Key Stage 2) and through whole class celebration (Key Stage 1) as well as purposeful displays in school. Feedback is given in these formats and we would like to share this more widely with parents whilst ensuring that children recognise that their efforts are valued. We have several ideas already for how we will achieve this. Watch this space...

In addition, a number of parents would like the school to be quicker in contacting them when a concern is raised in school regarding their child's progress. Parents would also like to have more regular updates on their child's progress. This can be challenging to quantify with the removal of assessment levels, coupled with the fact that children's progress can be challenging to measure over much shorter timescales. Nonetheless, we are considering how we can provide more opportunities for parents to receive these updates inbetween parent consultation meetings. The reformatting of class worship days was partially intended to address this issue and we will look at other means to achieving this. 

A big thank you to everyone who took part in the survey, providing us with constructive feedback on what we are doing well and where we can do better. We will be working hard over the coming weeks and months to affect those areas where we can improve and trust that this will lead to an even more effective home-school partnership which benefits your child(ren).

To view the full results see here:

Parent View Results 2015 [PDF Version]

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