A Parent Meeting on SRE at Blue Coat

Jigsaw-PSHE-Info6-960x340As a school, we have decided to invest in an esteemed Personal Social Health Education (PSHE) tool intended to address key areas of our pupil's personal development. The 'Jigsaw PSHE Scheme' regularly covers age appropriate issues of diversity, bullying, hopes and aspirations, teamwork, enterprising behaviour, physical and emotional health, drugs education, e-safety, friendship and far more. It also delivers the school's statutory duty to teach Sex and Relationships Education (SRE). As the school is revising its approach to SRE in the context of the scheme, we felt it important to share our intentions with parents ahead of time.

A large number of parents attended last night's scheduled meeting which was led by Alison Harris, a senior consultant for Jigsaw who specialises in the SRE materials, with a view to gaining information, seeing some of the teaching units  and materials first-hand, and being able to ask questions to Alison, staff and governors.

For those parents unable to attend we have provided a copy of the presentation below with some brief accompanying notes on each slide to contextualise what was discussed. We have also included the school's DRAFT SRE policy which is about to be considered by the school's governing body. As it is in draft format then please be aware that it is susceptible to revision, but will be published on the school's website in final form imminently.

In addition to the information discussed within the slides, the staff have met to agree on some of the points below:

  • Initially, for the remainder of this academic year, children will be taught the 'sex' parts of SRE in pure year groups rather than mixed age classes. The effectiveness and implications of this arrangement will be reviewed afterwards. If we agree that this is not an effective approach then we will consult with parents.

  • As the school is embarking on Jigsaw PSHE for the first time this year, teachers will play 'catch-up' by teaching previous years' content before making the decision to embark with age appropriate SRE units.

  • Materials used to teach SRE will be made available to parents in school ahead of SRE being taught. This is for parents' information only or to support parents in following up the content further at home, if they wish.

Materials to download:

SRE Parent Community Meeting (Slides + notes) - 20.5.15

Blue Coat DRAFT SRE Policy