Christian Aid Support Takes the Biscuit

Christian-Aid-Week-2015-cow tcm16-81928In a week where Milepost 2 children visited 2 very special places of worship, the week was also commemorated by Blue Coat's support for Christian Aid Week. The aim? To buy a cow! Supporting the work of the charity, the children were set a challenge by Mrs Blaken to raise enough money from selling homemade 'cowpat cookies' to the tune of £150 in order to buy a cow for a family in Ethiopia. The importance of the cow to Ethiopians cannot be underestimated, particularly for women. As well as it offering the nutritious advantages, in a culture where women's views can often be overlooked, the ownership of a cow also gives women a status and voice in the decisions that are made within villages. 

The response to the challenge was amazing. A massive thank you to all families who supported the cause by cooking cowpats or helping children to. As the biscuits arrived in school in their droves, they were quickly shipped out to Blue Coat's very own cookie stall on site led by our Years 5's OR to the Christian Aid pop-up shop that had been assembled in the Wotton Baptist Church.

Needless to say, the cookies moooved off the stalls very quickly with Year 5's dealing with frantic queues at the end of each school day. As a result of the school community's efforts, Blue Coat managed to buy 1.5 cows with the £220 confirmed total raised! This is set within the context of £2000 raised by the town as a whole. Well done to everyone who supported the week. Special thanks to Mrs Blaken, Classes Tabei and Vasco.