'Seeya, Gan Canney, Mr Clements!'

IMG 2719Whether you've been taught by him, greeted by him, spoken to him or worked with him, everyone in the Blue Coat community knows Mr Clements. He's had a remarkable career at Blue Coat stemming, *ahem*, 'a number' of years - starting as a Teaching Assistant and leaving as a Headteacher in his own right.

Today, in the school hall, we got to say 'thank you' and 'farewell' as Mr Clements leaves Class Drake and Blue Coat to start his exciting career as captain of the Sharpness Primary School ship. The occasion was marked by some rather amusing photos (captured below) from over the years followed by pupils and staff sharing some of their fondest memories.

Class Drake presented a book that they had poured thought and care into containing memories, illustrations and photos, compiled over the past days. A group of pupils shared a selection of these and then performed a touching poem for Mr Clements. Words also appeared in song verse with the whole school joining in with some of his favourites, as well as an especially written adaptation of 'The School Rules' song. 

Mr Clements responded by telling the school how special the 'Blue Coat Family' is to him and that he would be staying in touch in his new role at Sharpness. Thankfully, the children agreed that he could come back from time to time (*phew*)!

We would like to extend a huge thank you to Mr Clements for all of the time, talent and devotion that he has brought to Blue Coat. He will leave a big impression on the school that the staff and pupils will not forget and will cherish fondly.

The Best of Blue Coat Luck to you, Mr Clements! You're going to (continue to) be GREAT!