"Give, and it will be given to you..."

IMG 7586'Generosity' is our Christian value in focus this term and the children have been reflecting on what it means and how it impacts on their lives.

As well as collective worship being a daily time for reflection, we also encourage the children to think, reflect or pray at other times during the school day and our corridor reflection space is one such area where this can happen. We've had dozens of children this term from both key stages come to reflect, both individually or with friends. 

This term, Mrs Blaken has set up a number of activities for the children to engage with, all with a focus of how Generosity affects theirs and others' lives. A few photos of this area follow below.

We love to hear how our pupils not only understand but live out these Christian values in their everyday lives. Parents have been extremely supportive in this regard as we continue to get steady trickles of values vouchers returned to school each day. Most recently, here's a small sample:

"We went to Wildfowl Trust at the weekend. Harry's younger brother spilt his bird feed on the floor and was very upset. Harry gave his brother lots of his feed. Well done for being generous, Harry."

"Patrick went to the sweet shop and bought his sister her favourite sweets with his own money!"

"Romilly got up and made her brother's breakfast for him."

"Brandon had a chocolate monkey from Thorntons for Christmas. Someone asked if she could have some and without hesitation he generously said "yes"!"

It's very encouraging to read that our children are carrying out so many good acts for others in their daily lives and that home-school partnerships can have a really positive impact on how our children live and behave as world citizens of tomorrow.

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