Raising the Roof for Early Learning

IMG 7467Patience has been a virtue of our families who have been on the school site over recent months where we have undergone numerous building and restoration projects. However, we hope that the inconvenience has been worth it as, apart from a new roof (not altogether exciting, admittedly!), we also now have a brand new, bespoke outdoor learning shelter for our Reception classes.

The Early Years curriculum followed by all Reception classes, is one in which child-initiated learning is promoted and facilitated. This means that children learn principally through play, exploration and discovery in a changing learning environment capable of delivering these opportunities (progressively) for the children. An essential and prescribed part of this curriculum is that children have opportunities to learn in both the indoor and outdoor environment... all year round! This has always proved to be a challenge at Blue Coat since shelter was limited when needed over wet winter months. 

An outdoor learning shelter has therefore been top of the school's shopping list for some time and so the school's governors decided that the school could wait no longer for this essential facility. Constructed by the talented team of Different by Design, we are delighted with the result as it has been personalised to our school in terms of its aesthetic but also function. 

Learning opportunities can now be left set up throughout the week, allowing the children to continue to revisit their learning and take it forward over the course of days. [For this reason, we ask for parents help in ensuring that the sheltered area is not entered by toddlers or other children as it could disturb a child's masterpiece in progress! Thank you...]

We would like to extend our thanks to the school's governing body for supporting such a worthwhile investment in our children's learning, as well as Different by Design for the planning and execution. Also, a big thank you to parents, pupils and staff for their patience throughout the site disruption. 

If coming into school please do take the time to see our new early years learning area and any comments posted in the slideshow below would also be appreciated.