Super Hero Effort for Children In Need 2014

photo-4Our children put in a 'super hero effort' today for Children In Need 2014, dressing either in onesies or as superheroes whilst raising cash for those who need it most.

Having either flown to school or used powers of teleportation to make it on site, the children donated £1 each for the privilege - all of which will go to the charity. Our Milepost 3 learners engaged their enterprising skills to set up a series of stalls for morning break, offering cakes, treats or the opportunity to win something big and bold. Uptake, as always, was BIG and the children will lead an assembly later this afternoon to hand out prizes and celebrate their fundraising efforts.

Additionally, Mrs Galvin and a merry group of musicians made their way into town at lunch time today to partake in some official busking to raise further funds for the pot.

We'll keep you posted via the head's tweets as to how much was raised today. In the meantime, here are some moments from the day captured in images...

*Bonus pic - can you guess which staff members lurk behind these powerful disguises?