We Will Remember Them.

poppy-appealHaving just observed our 2-minute silence outside on Armistice Day, we in school have taken a number of opportunities to reflect on this spiritually and culturally significant event.

In Key Stage 2, there is a public wall devoted to remembering the service men and women who gave their todays for our tomorrows. The children (and staff) have taken it upon themselves to write poppies of remembrance in their own free time, communicating their thoughts and what they would like to say to those who gave so much to them. Peppered throughout this display are poems written by pupils, historical facts and even a postbox for those wishing to write letters to the 'unknown soldier'. 

A class worship by some of our eldest pupils in Class Cook on Friday also reflected on this very theme, tying in our very relevant Christian value of the term, Hope, into a moving and respectful worship. 

As is Blue Coat tradition, our 2 eldest pupils, Rowan and Geoffrey, proudly represented the school at the town's Remembrance Service on Sunday, laying a school wreath at the foot of the war memorial.

We hope that by marking this time through such a series of events then it will serve to show the children how important and inextricably linked Remembrance is to our British culture. Spiritually, we hope that children will grow to recognise the weight of the price paid by so many men and women in wars over time in order for us to live with the freedom we enjoy today. As a school, we join together in the hope that peace will prevail and that in the future everyone can live long and happy lives without fear of war.