Class of 2021: We Welcome You!

IMG 1662It seems only fitting that when the previous news item bid farewell to our cherished Class of 2014, we now take the opportunity to welcome the new members of our Blue Coat school family - Class of 2021!

Taking place at our home-from-home, St Mary's Church, on Friday, the Welcome Service for children and parents of our Reception classes was very well attended. The service comprised of hymns, prayers, school songs, readings and the ceremonious placing of pebbles around the school's holy candle. Our Reception learners will not be reunited with their handpainted pebbles (personalised by their buddies) until their own leaving service in 2021! It's intended to serve as a symbolic reminder of their buddy, our school and the Christian values which we so proudly try to uphold and live by. 

During the service, classes Kingfisher and Snapdragon led a very touching song called 'Hello', which they had adapted for the benefit of their buddies. In return, a number of Year 6's took to the pulpit and lectern to explain what it means to them to be chosen as a Year 6 buddy. Their accounts were inspiring and insightful, all of which recognised their crucial roles in inducting our youngest learners into our school family.

A huge thank you to Reverend Axford and the wider St Mary's church team for your continued support in nurturing our school-church link and therefore our Christian ethos. We are also grateful to those parents who gave up time to escort the whole school to and from St Mary's. Finally, thank you Reception parents for taking time out of your busy days in order for us to officially say 'welcome'. We look forward to many more memories over the coming months and years!

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