A Blue Coat Audience with Ben Morgan

IMG 0655Today's celebration worship was a memorable one as England Rugby International, Ben Morgan, decided to drop in and meet our pupils! 

Milepost 2's topic has culminated in a Blue Coat Sports Award shows where sporting personalities were marketed and then voted for by our children. The excitement gathered momentum as the whole school cheered on their choice personalities in each category. Sadly, Usain Bolt, David Beckham and the England Rugby team were unable to make it... or were they?

Cunningly, our very own Mrs Morgan managed to have a quiet word with her 25-year old son, Ben, and he graced the school with his presence just as we announced the results of the final category: Sports Personality of the Year, which, thankfully, he managed to win on votes! The response was electric - a mixture of disbelief and screams all at once. A memorable moment that the school community will cherish for a long time.

In true English gent style, Ben stayed for pictures with Dursley RFC members, the winning marketing MP2 team, a pupil whom had achieved highly in a recent (videoed) gymnastics competition, and he also drew the winner for the PTA fundraiser of a signed England RFC shirt. Our winner, Tom G, was elated to have been drawn from the bag.

We followed the euphoria with our staple celebrations of Star Achievers etc and all of it made for the best possible end to a tiring yet highly rewarding week for all of us. 

A massive thank you to Ben Morgan for visiting Blue Coat in amongst his busy schedule. Naturally, our appreciation goes to Mrs Morgan for organising the event, supported by our devoted PTA.