District Determination

2014-06-30 09.09.58 amLast Wednesday, Blue Coat key stage 2 pupils took to the KLB sports field determined to win their races during an evening of district athletics. Races ranged from 400m through to sack races and relays. It was an evening of non-stop track events that saw us compete against other local 'large schools' of Wickwar (Alexander Hosea) Primary School and The British School.

Our pupils did the school proud both on and off the track. In total, we racked up the highest number of 1st places (11 in total) in the large school category as well as 2nd places (10). A very successful event for our children who showed great courage, perseverance and talent. Well done.

A big thank you to the hordes of parents who showed up and cheered our troops on, along with committed staff members who gave up their time. And not forgetting the impeccable event organisation of Mrs Sharron Bates to whom we owe a lot for the sporting opportunities that our children enjoy.

Thank you, Mrs Cloutter, for capturing the following memories from the evening