Sports Day ~ Key Stage 2 (more photos added)

IMG 0330Blue Coat Sports Day this year was blessed with the presence of the Sun - and what a difference it made to the atmosphere! Following the school's traditional format of a team carousel points accumulator and then a series of competitive races, the morning meant that no one was sat still as a spectator for long.

Children cheered one another whilst exercising that competitive edge and, as usual, did the school proud in how they conducted themselves both on and off of the race track.

In addition, it was great to see the support of such a large number of parents - even KS1 children made it trackside to offer their support.

At the end of the morning there could be only one winning team... but all who took part were winners in our eyes:

1. Red (776pts)
2. Blue (768pts)
3. Orange (737pts)
4. Yellow (720pts)
5. Green (686pts)

[Special thanks to Mr Titley for the talented snaps he took on the day and shared with us below]