A Concerted Easter Effort

BC 11 of 122Our child musicians, Mrs Galvin and Mrs Moir held a well-attended Easter concert for parents in the school hall last night. Following on from previous years' formats, it was a casual 'drop-in-drop-out' affair with the added drawcard of samples from Key Stage 2 home learning also being on display around the hall.

Although music in schools doesn't attract the same national headline space as, say, English and Maths, last night showed that creativity in the form of the Arts has high priority for large numbers of our children at Blue Coat. Not only was it a demonstration of how creativity is harnessed and promoted in school but also how wider values of perseverance, hope and service are actively practised by our children during the process of learning an instrument. 

The children were brilliant. Playing solo, in ensembles, and as an orchestra the children held steel nerves and played some fantastic music: a real moment of shared pride for onlooking parents and staff. 

Thanks to all parents in attendance for your visible support but also in supporting your child whilst learning to play an instrument. Thank you also to the ongoing hard work of Mrs Galvin, Mrs Moir and Blue Coat's peripatetic music teachers who all do a fantastic job of nurturing the musical talents of so many of our pupils. In particular, Mrs Galvin showed unwaivering commitment in continuing to lead the event despite the fact that her eldest son was receiving emergency medical treatment for a sporting injury at the time - a notable sign of the staff's commitment to school life!

Finally, a huge well done to our musicians for representing and serving the school by sharing your talents with us. You were inspiring to all of us who watched!

~Photos courtesy of Mrs Taylor (thanks!)

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