Valuing Our Values

photo-141There's little point in promoting a set of core values without discovering whether they are actually have any kind of impact. The recent request for parents to fill out and send in
'R-E-S-P-E-C-T - find out what it means to me!' vouchers was a plea to see whether what we're doing in school, in terms of our core Christian values, is having an effect on how children live their lives more widely. Of course, the school never works in isolation and parents who share and promote these values in partnership with the school can make all the difference. And this was one of the principal intentions of the vouchers - offering a moment where parents can reflect and be proud of the young people they are bringing up!

So, it's been very encouraging to see a positive parental response to catching their children at their best: when they're showing respect for others. Here's a few from the mail bag...

  • "Dad was ill with a migraine... Zoe and her sister played quietly all day and didn't bother Dad at all!"

  • "Evie was playing a computer game...little sister woke up and Evie straight away beckoned her over, sat her on her lap and let her take over the game so that she wouldn't be upset...Whenever her sister hurts herself Evie goes to her aid, picks her up and says "let's have a cuddle shall we?" - what a caring sister!"

  • "Seth is consistently kind to both of his younger brothers. He looks after them, supports them, encourages them, and shares toys and treats with them... on a daily basis."

  • "Maddy has looked after our little kitten really well this week as she has been a little unwell."

  • "At forest school...a boy knocked over his hot chocolate at break time and was so upset he began to cry...Brandon offered to share his hot chocolate with him."

  • "Abi sits with her sister (who is very poorly) and reads to her. She's respectful of her sister and what she wants to do. This makes mummy and daddy very proud." 

  • "Lewis will show respect for his granny by saying "Thank you for dinner, granny". He says this every time without being asked. He then helps clear the table away. Well done, Lewis. x"

Your child(ren) may also have mentioned that we try to catch them in the process of practising the school's core Christian values by awarding Values Tokens. The children must be acting out the value for the benefit of others in school. Currently we are awarding tokens for when the children are showing Respect for one another. In our next celebration worship we will collectively celebrate how respectful we have been to one another as a school community when pooling all of the earnt tokens in a school jar.

Today, Harvey, a year 2, entered my office with a card that he had gone home and thought about making. He had reflected on our Christian value of Service this term and had drawn a series of images as to what Service means to him on a daily basis. Needless to say, I was very proud that one of our (young) pupils had cared and thought enough about this positive concept to create something like this at home. 

In fact, the whole school community appears to have a lot to be proud of with so many thoughtful, caring and responsible young citizens.