Sport Relief at Blue Coat in Pictures - LIVE(ish!)

sport relief round 2014Today we'll try to cover an update on the action surrounding Sport Relief in school. There's plenty of activities planned by staff and pupils and it looks to be a promising day for fundraising whilst we have plenty of fun engaging in sport.

Some of the highlights then...

9.15am ~ Early Years & Key Stage 1 Zumba!

IMG 5810IMG 5811IMG 5812IMG 5813IMG 5814IMG 5815IMG 5816

9.20 ~ What is Sport Relief for? (Class Livingstone)

Whilst psyching themselves up to run the Sport Relief mile on our school field, each of the Key Stage 1 classes took some time to reflect on what today is all about. They watched a video outlining 'Daniel's' life, which was very different to theirs. The children were motivated to do their best to raise money for children like Daniel today and came to the conclusion that their own lives were very privileged in comparison.

IMG 5817

9.30 ~ Running the Sport Relief Mile (KS1: Class Hannu)

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10.20~ Milepost 3 Enterprising: Cakes & Stalls


1.10~ Key Stage 2 Sport Relief Mile/ Onesie Race

Having ran their miles, there was time to grab a breather before the afternoon's sporting activities.

IMG 5848

~"All for Onesie and Onesie for all"

IMG 5849

...even Batman took time off saving Gotham City from crime to enter our onesie race.

IMG 5855

...some late starters got rather complacent taking to running their mile backwards!

IMG 5854

...just time to hear a quick update on funds raised so far by our pupils.
IMG 5852

"To the sports shed!" Preparation begins for a child-led afternoon of organised sport.

IMG 5856

1.30~ Key Stage 2 Sports Afternoon Organised 
by Pupils

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2.45~ Staff versus Year 6 Basketball Match