Remember to Book the Day!

bookdayThe 6th March is World Book Day 2014. We couldn't resist celebrating it with a series of festivities whilst promoting the importance of stories to our children. The day kicked off with an extravagant parade of pupils (and even a few showboating adults!) so as to share the creative efforts of costumes portraying their favourite book characters. How many within the slides can you identify?

Soon after, each milepost listened to a storyteller who shared a number of different tales with our children, linking them to their termly themes where possible. [Thanks to Mrs Porter for the recommendation.]

But the storytelling did not end there: teachers were very excited - perhaps more so than the children(!) - at the prospect of telling stories to a different class. This was a special way of trying to build an opportunity for teachers and children to come together in the school day when they would not normally do so.

The day was rounded off by a book swap where children could exchange a book from home with another child's offering. All in all, it was an engaging, exciting and rewarding morning that brought the school community together over a common love: books! Happy World Book Day everyone.