Home Learning Hits a New High at Blue Coat

IMG 5577Trialled last summer and continued ever since, the school's revised approach to 'topic' home learning has been fully embraced by our pupils. The new 'independent learning grids' afford far more choice and creativity surrounding a selection of topic-related briefs for our children and the results have been awe-inspiring, to say the least.

As the vast majority of children are choosing to go above and beyond the stated time expectations for the topic projects, the school has had to look carefully at i) how we (proportionally) value the quality of the home learning that the children are taking part in and ii) how we give them sufficient feedback on what they have learnt. Teachers have rapidly evolved the format of a 'key stage learning exhibition' in which classes circulate each others' learning environments and peruse the learning outcomes.

However, it's not all as passive as that! Can you see the fluorescent post-its peppered throughout many of the photos in the slideshows below? Those are feedback notes from pupils and teachers written to the owners of the learning. Time is spent reflecting on this feedback and children resolve feed forward priorities for future home learning projects.

The most recent learning exhibition on Friday was jaw-dropping. Leaders, teachers and pupils were amazed by the quality and quantity of learning that had taken place at home. We realise that we have to thank and acknowledge the support of parents here as many children had been inspired by parents' suggestions and experiences. Moreover though, the exhibition is evident of something that we're very proud of indeed at Blue Coat: our pupils' commitment and attitudes towards  learning - all of which come through in the photos below. Enjoy...

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