E-safety is Valued

EsafetyYesterday, collective worship saw our Christian value of 'Truthfulness' take a slightly different angle. The children were reminded that, unfortunately, not everyone who is on the internet is truthful and can therefore be trusted. As a result, we have to exercise caution when online.

We looked at 5 tips to remain safe when using the internet denoted by the acronymn of S.M.A.R.T. - please see our revised e-safety section from our vision menu to learn more.

Our e-safety section outlines detailed guidance for how children, teachers and parents can use the class blogs and pupil discussion forum safely. E-books, websites, games and videos also appear on the section page for pupils and parents to engage with. We will be growing this section as we discover more useful information and resources.

Next week, Milepost 3 will receive a scheduled visit from the Police to discuss the dangers of the online world and how they can navigate it safely, covering topics such as online privacy, cyber-bullying and more.

The school also has an e-safety curriculum where children cover wider themes around being ICT-safe from Reception to Year 6.