What a Performance!

graph chart icon symbol clip artLast week the DfE's performance tables for schools were published. The tables provide public freedom of information as to how schools are performing at the end of Key Stage 2 (Year 6). The grouping of this information into 'league tables' allows anyone to compare schools side-by-side using a number of criteria - some of which are new to this year's tables.

As you're probably aware over recent years, we have been putting a lot of effort in behind the scenes to improve and act upon the themes highlighted in the school's latest Ofsted survey inspection as well as our own ongoing self-evaluation. There has been a concerted effort from all stakeholders: teachers, support staff, parents, governors, PTA, leaders and, not least of which, the pupils! 

The 2013 tables certainly highlight the effort that has gone in from all involved to improve the school and the quality of education it delivers for our children. We have significantly improved the school's Value Added progress measure (how we add value to children's achievement levels from Year 2 to Year 6) whilst still ensuring that attainment (the levels children leave with in Year 6) remain some of the highest in the county.

A huge 'thank you' and 'well done' to everyone for the commitment, drive and hard work in continuing the school's pattern of growing success this year. Here's to 2014!