Good Sports!

IMG 8382On Thursday 6th June, Blue Coat proudly held its umpteenth sports day. The format has been tweaked over recent years to ensure that the children in Key Stage 2 compete for points as a team in a circuit of activities and then individually in a more traditionally competitive race format. In Key Stage 1, we plan for the children to experience a large number of self-competitive challenges, preparing them for the hybrid approach adopted in Key Stage 2. This format was agreed in consultation with our school councils over recent years and the children love it.

 The start to the day was perfect for our older athletes: overcast and not too warm. Unfortunately, this didn't please us, the spectators! Throughout the morning, children ran, kicked, bounced, hopped and threw the weather to one side so as to bring about a perfect afternoon for a parent picnic on the field and the spectacle of Key Stage 1 Sports Day...

Our youngest pupils turned their hand to a number of activities, many for the first time, and had a great time challenging themselves to improve. They were simply a joy to watch.

Ask our children which house won sports day!

Thank you to the huge crowds of parents who took part in the day, and the glowing feedback we received afterwards. I'd also like to thank the talents and efforts of a number of parents who submitted photographs for the slideshows below, and in particular Mr Titley who contributed a large number of images from both parts of the day.