Our Children Have 'The Voice'

the-voice-360A dreary morning brightened by warming news. When opening the school email inbox I was very proud to read the following achievements of our key stage 2 children - well done to you all!

 "Dear Mr Ryan,

The church junior choir has been running since last October and includes a number of Blue Coat school children. On Saturday evening a number of them sang at the Wotton Concert Series concert including Carmina Burana. They performed alongside musicians of national and international repute including pianists John Alley, principal keyboard player with the London Symphony Orchestra and Catherine Edwards principal keyboard player with the London Philharmonic Orchestra and soprano Claire Watkins who this year is taking lead roles with the English National Opera.

At the end of the concert the children received a well deserved standing ovation and very positive comments, “in time with the conductor”, “they came in precisely on time and in tune with the soloist”. “Perfect diction and could be heard throughout the church”, “they entered and exited like true professionals”. And I think they enjoyed themselves – they were certainly buzzing this morning having taken part in a professional performance.

The Blue Coat children concerned were: Anna G, Ellie K, Millie M, Connie M, Nelly P, Teya Q, Jennifer W and Susie Y.

Our thanks go to George and Sarah Richardson who have been training them and their parents for terrific support – the parents were buzzing last night too.

Revd Robert Axford"