Our Vision Moves On To The Horizon

3114164-paper-airplaneThe school's stakeholder consultation process with pupils, staff, govenors, parents and the wider community was lengthy but extremely valuable and enlightening. Over the past weeks it has been my job to piece together the common themes resulting from answers to the same question:

"What is it that we need to do, as a school, in order to prepare our children to thrive in the future?"

 Below is a presentation of where our stakeholders found agreement and the key questions and issues they raised for the school to respond to in the future. Please note: this is not the school's final vision but more the themes that it will need to encompass.

In parallel with this process, I have also analysed the school's core Christian values that stakeholders felt would underpin the delivery of the future vision. This has involved looking at the diamond rankings of the Christian values followed by further conversations with the school's Senior Leadership Team, Reverend Axford and the school's Ethos (governing) committee. 

The good news is that we think we have identified a small group of core Christian values which will be at the centre of everything we do over the next few years. I am looking forward to sharing these more widely once the vision has been finalised - soon!

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