Revision to Blue Coat's School Meal Pricing

school lunch 1

Unlike many schools, we are very fortunate to have an onsite kitchen along with an excellent team of catering staff. They work tirelessly to produce balanced menus for our pupils, sourcing many of their ingredients locally to support small businesses wherever possible. We recognise that parental support for our school meals is well above the national average with a very healthy uptake throughout the entire year.

As I’m sure you can appreciate, over recent years inflation has resulted in significant increases in food costs. Despite this, we have tried our best to keep school meal prices down by freezing prices for the last 3 years (since April 2010).

Our school meals service is provided on a non-profit basis, and is indeed currently being subsidised by the school.

Unfortunately the school is unable to sustain the current level of subsidy on its school meals and has had to review the financial implications of this.  Following this review, the school’s governors have decided that the price charged for school meals needs to be increased.  The average annual rate of inflation over the last 3 years has been 4% and the governors have set the price increase in line with this. This equates to a price increase from £2.00 per school meal to £2.25. We plan to introduce this revised price from Monday 3rd June.

Based on current elevated rates of inflation, the school will need to monitor and review the costing of school meals on a more regular basis.

We hope that this will not deter you from continuing your support for our excellent school meal service.