Taking the Initiative (all in the name of comedy!)

idea 2I love it when our pupils show initiative.

As you're aware, Comic Relief is fast approaching (Friday) and Blue Coat always holds a series of fundraising opportunities to contribute to this worthy cause.

It never fails to bring out the best in our pupils as they rack their brains for ever more creative ways of convincing each other to part with their cash for charity.

Most recently, Ben from Class China took the initiative to go straight to the top by using the website's contact form to email me. Here's what he wrote:

 "To Mr Ryan,

Me and some of the other year sixes have asked Mr Clements if we could do a mile fun run around the field in our onesies and pyjamas for red nose day. As he said yes, I was wondering if you could advertise our fundraising effort on the website to pull in more sponsors for Comic relief. Anything you could do would be much appreciated. From Ben S.

P.S Could you please get back to me if there is any advance in the process.

P.P.S I know my email seems a bit weird but it is actually my email! Thank you from Ben."

So there: I've done it. Unfortunately, it seems that we may soon have a few other people in the school who are famous for sporting onesies than just Mr Bailey! 

Anything you can do to support our enterprising Year 6's in raising money for a great cause is much appreciated. 

Well done Ben and Year 6!