Split-screen Learning

imagesIn a recent newsletter I alluded to the fact that we are always trying to find ever more effective ways of improving the quality of learning in lessons at Blue Coat. We do this with a relentless focus on how we teach our children.

Our recent development in this area can be quite neatly summarised in terms of this photo of a recent display created by the school's leadership team.

Through our teaching we are encouraging children to be 'split screen learners'. They are paying attention and energy to WHAT they are learning: whether it be skills, knowledge or developing their understanding. Secondly, we are encouraging them to be equally mindful of HOW they are learning: the learning behaviours they are adopting and practising, as well as how they manage their feelings during learning. Both parts of the windscreen are equally important to ensure that deep learning is taking place.

This display (mimicking the VW Split-screen Camper Van) summarises Class Mexico's efforts in this area and the children have done some impressive groundwork in classifying how they feel during learning (this can be seen on their blogs) as well as how they have demonstrated their learning behaviours during lessons.

More information will follow as we unravel further how we develop learning at Blue Coat...

IMG 4292