Xmas Factor Finale

IMG 6161This year Key Stage 2 decided to go with a performance that would unite both mileposts and provide a Christmas bonanza for our parents. The result was impressive. The performance focused on the appreciation for the paraphenalia associated with Christmas but emphasised the point that at the heart of it all, aside from all of the distracting trimmings, Christmas is about the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Key Stage 2 achieved this by craftily weaving in the pop culture theme of X-Factor and with it some convincing acting (corny jokes excused!), catchy songs, instrumental performances, energetic dance routines and, above all, some superb singing.

Quite simply, the format worked and this was in no small part due to the teamwork of both pupils and staff. Thank you to Mrs Galvin in particular who casually threaded the whole thing together on an impressive timescale (minimising impact on 'the curriculum'). Her talents and work ethic deem her irreplaceable! In addition, thank you to Reverand Axford and St Mary's for their continued support and generosity in accommodating us once again at our church.

Finally, thank you to parents for suporting both well attended performances and the subsequent donations provided to our selected charities (£684 was raised over the course of 5 school performances). Special thanks to Mr Titley who managed to capture a second set of photographic gems in the slideshow below. 

Merry Christmas to our community from all of the staff at Blue Coat!