Telescopic Text

telescopeMr Clements and Class Mexico have been busy partaking in some quablogging with other schools around the world. As well as the collaboration taking place on their blog, Mr Clements was recommended a very useful website by one of his american colleagues that parents and children may enjoy spending some time exploring.

The website is called and works by creating and or selecting texts in different ways based on some parts that you can expand. It effectively shows how the most boring of sentences can be added to and expanded to become interesting and pretty much a narrative!

 For example:

I made tea.

...a few clicks of the mouse later becomes:

Yawning, and smearing my eyes with my fingers, I walked bleary eyed into the kitchen and filled the kettle with water, making sure it was cold enough. (The best tea comes from the coldest water). I glanced outside at the mist. I plugged the kettle in and switched it on. I got some biscuits. I poured milk into a cup. The kettle grumbled so I poured water onto a teabag and watched it brew. I put the teabag in the bin. I picked up my mug and left the kitchen with tea.

Signing up to the website means that children can save their own folded texts. We'd love to see some that children and parents have created together. Please let us know via the contact form on the website so that others can read them!

N.B. This currently only works with a selection of browsers but not with Internet Explorer. Mozilla Firefox is the recommended browser to use, apparently.