Round-the-world Cuisine Marathon Under Way

P1020585 2On Friday, Class New Zealand kicked off the class assembly season in style with a brilliant learning performance centred around the learning opportunities presented by our fears. The children did a fantastic job of bringing the audience around to this term's Christian value of 'Courage' and showcased their acting talents with many a chuckle and giggle along the way.

 Last year, we revised the format of the class assembly with a focus of trying to involve parents more with their child's learning and life in school. We settled on an internationally themed lunch followed by a casual back-to-class rendez-vous where the children would have the chance to review their learning in books and displays with their parents.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the talents of Mrs Haywood, the school's catering manager, and her devoted team who have consistently provided some delicious, creative and adventurous foods based on cuisines from the countries represented by our classes. 

Here's a few shots of Friday's delicacies - we can't wait to sample the remaining 10 countries' menus!

A BIG thank you to our catering team.