Remember, Remember the, er... 30th of October?

IMG 4045No doubt your child was screaming like a rocket or spinning like a catherine wheel when they came out of school today? Well, that would all be thanks to Rednock secondary school teacher (and Blue Coat parent) Mr Hall who put on a spectacular science assembly for all of our pupils based on the timely theme of 'fireworks'.

Mr Hall used the Fire Triangle (oxygen-fuel-heat) as the basis for explaining the decisions made in designing and manufacturing fireworks. He took us through some very active demonstrations of fuels - some obvious and some less so (digestive biscuits, anyone?) He added oxidants to provide the fuel with more oxygen to burn and also looked at how adding small traces of metals and elements to fireworks can change the colour of the firework flame. Finally, he wrapped the whole thing up by, um, wrapping up a homemade firework of his own... in a tin! See the video to see how it turned out.

Mr Hall is clearly a highly trained expert in Chemistry, as well as conducting dangerous experiments, and the experience presented a valuable opportunity to remind the children of the dangers of fireworks and importance of responsible adult supervision this weekend and next week. Similarly, the assembly also served to bring some awe and wonder of science to our children. 

Huge thanks to Mr Hall and Rednock secondary school for this highly educational and enjoyable opportunity. Here's what our children said:

"That was the best worship... EVER!" ~ Ben S
"My favourite worship BY FAR!" ~ Harris B
"That was so cool."
~ Stan W
"The hall smells like popcorn now, Mr Ryan." ~ Emily J